Network of Translation Centers ERMINIA


The Network of Translation Centers ERMINIA provides the following services:

  • Official translations in all languages
  • Official translations of various types of documents and terminology
  • Authentication of translated documents
  • Commercial correspondence and telephone communication with foreign countries (telephone interpreting)
  • Interpretation in Greece and abroad (simultaneous or consecutive)
  • Typing in all languages
  • Scanning, printing
  • Document editing, assignments and letters.
  • Proofreading – correction and translation editing
  • Transcriptions
  • DOATAP (Hellenic National Academic Recognition and Information Center) file processing
  • Document processing for retirement from a foreign institution
  • File processing for studies in Britain


The Network of Translation Centers ERMINIA performs translations of all types and terminology in all languages. In addition to the wide range of languages provided by the network, the ERMININA Network of Translation Centers can also find qualified translators in many specific fields such as legal, medical, technical and others.

Professional translators ensure that your document is translated correctly and provide a technical and linguistically competent result.

Furthermore, the Network of Translation Centers ERMINIA provides official translations:

  • Certificates
  • Diplomas and Degrees
  • Documents involving all types of translation and terminology (legal, technical, medical, tax, etc.)
  • Theses / dissertations
  • Manuals
  • Medical reports
  • Pension documents
  • Driving licenses

Interpreting Services

The Network of Translation Centers ERMINIA is the largest network of interpreters in Greece. Our network's clients can save significant amounts of money by using the network's local interpreters in Greece and abroad.

The Network of Translation Centers ERMINIA provides interpreters for simultaneous (in a booth), consecutive (in meetings, conferences, courts) and whispered interpreting (in meetings, etc.). In addition, our centers provide telephone interpreting for their clients.

Our internationally experienced interpreters, understanding the needs of your company or your business, can take over the entire communication with your partners abroad – on behalf of your company – and make a significant contribution to your success.

Authentication of Translated Documents

Our partners at ERMINIA are all members of an official professional translation and interpreting association and can therefore validate their translations. Furthermore, we cooperate with certified lawyers who can validate translations pursuant to article 36, paragraph 2c of the Code of Lawyers (Law 4194/2013).

As part of the comprehensive services we offer, ERMINIA also assumes the authentication of original documents with the Hague Apostille, wherever possible

In any case, all ERMINIA’s employees are qualified and can provide appropriate guidance regarding the correct validation of your original documents as well as the validation of the translations we conduct in our agencies.


We provide audio transcription services in many languages. Our experienced and confidential professionals guarantee accurate audio data transfer in your desired format. The file can be delivered either electronically or on a USB stick.


We perform typing of handwritten or printed documents in all languages. We also provide the typing of monophonic and polyphonic documents, as well as the possibility of data entry in Excel spreadsheets and table compilation at your request.