Network of Translation Centers ERMINIA


The company was founded in Trikala in March 1999, by Penny Karanasiou. Penny holds a PhD awarded by Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, in Intercultural Communication and Business Interpreting. In addition, she holds an MA in Bilingual Translation awarded by the University of Westminster, London. She is a member of several professional and research associations in the translation and interpretation field, and lectures at prestigious UK universities such as the University of Edinburgh.

Penny’s first translation agency was named “Translation Centre'” and was the first to provide translation and interpreting services in Trikala.

The Translation Centre was relaunched as the "Network of Translation Centers ERMINIA " in 2003, thus becoming a franchise company.

The Network of Translation Centers ERMINIA currently has 13 service agencies all over Greece and employs 410 freelancers who are able to provide all translation and interpreting services in all language combinations. ERMINIA's freelancers are professional translators-linguists and have an excellent knowledge of the language combination undertaken.

Our service structure is based on European standards and operates in accordance with cutting-edge technologies for optimum cost-benefit and profitability.

Our Philosophy

ERMINIA's structure and operation is based on the latest European standards and uses cutting-edge technologies, thus combining high quality of services with optimal cost benefit and time saving.

All ERMINIA's freelancers have been selected according to the most rigorous and academic criteria. They are professional translators with many years of experience, and their continuous training is a basic requirement for our cooperation. Therefore, they recognize that each document is a distinct work with different requirements and are able to respond professionally on the most demanding translations.

Effective and accurate translation of your document is guaranteed, as the translator who has been selected is fluent in both working languages (source and target), conversant with the terminology and type of document, as well as being equipped to understand the messages of the source document and then translate it into your preferred language. In addition, the final quality assurance of the document is demonstrated by our commitment to ensure that all documents available to be supplied are submitted to final literary and editorial editing by qualified and native-speaking professionals.

The 410 network freelancers can provide all possible language combinations and cover all fields of translation and interpretation. In addition, the possibility of supporting each project using the entire network’s resources means that all translation projects can be delivered in the most efficient way and within the quickest possible deadlines of the translation market, without ever compromising quality.

The most important advantage offered by ERMINIA is that all partners belong to professional associations of certified translators, thus each project delivered is authenticated.

Our mission statement is “Our service includes all world languages”