Network of Translation Centers ERMINIA


Since 2003, the Network of Translation Centers ERMINIA has been evolving vigorously through franchising. Franchising is not a joint venture company, or just a name on a billboard set up on the premises. It is a retail chain or service unit operating under a system that is established, trusted and proven to be successful. It is not a single company but a network of independent companies, all striving together for the same purpose, linked by each other.

Our franchisees in the Network of Translation Centers ERMINIA have the advantage of working with a proven business model, using processes that have been tested and refined over time. Thus, they don't have to start from scratch. Research indicates a high success rate among businesses that have grown using the franchise method. Once a new entrepreneur joins with the leader of an industry whose turnover is expected to almost triple in the next two years, ithen the odds of success are massive. Therefore, if you decide to launch your own business, you don't have to take risks single-handedly.

Join our ERMINIA family

If you wish to become a member of the ERMINA Network of Translation Centers

  • and have excellent knowledge of at least one foreign language,
  • good interpersonal and administrative skills, and
  • IT literate and excellent computer skills in general,

you can contact the General Manager, Dr. Penny Karanasiou by sending an email via